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Bail Services

"We Come To You"

This has been the slogan for Chickie’s Bail bonds since the inception of our business in 1984.

Our clients appreciate that they do not have to leave their home or business in order to complete a bail transaction.

Some of our clients are most comfortable when meeting with us in the security of their legal counsel’s office.

Wherever the need, nationwide…Chickie’s Bail Bonds will be there.

Chickie's Bail Bonds Provides Many Services at No Cost:

  • Our expert professional handling of 1275 P.C. requirements commences by interviewing prospective indemnitors and continues through investigation, documentation, preparation and formal presentation to the prosecuting attorney and the court.
  • Upon an attorney’s request, we locate their incarcerated client, whether state or federal.
  • We appear at court hearings when bail is to be set or reduced with no cost or obligation in the case of an O.R. release.

Our high success rate with 1275 P.C. cases has earned the respect of criminal defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, and members of the Southern California Judiciary.

Creative Collateral Packages

Chickie’s Bail Bonds takes the clients’ individual needs into consideration when negotiating collateral.

When real property is not an option, cash collateral can be held in an interest bearing account in the depositor’s name.

Assignments of certificates of deposits as well as stock are always an option.

Premium Payment Options

On those occasions when our clients indicate that full payment of the premium due, prior to the execution of the bail bond, will create an extreme financial hardship, Chickie’s Bail Bonds will agree to a payment plan option at no interest, taking into consideration the indemnitors ability to pay.

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